CSU Fresno Environmental Health Textbook

CSU Fresno Environmental Health Textbook


 REHS Exam Prep


PH166T-07 (36502) REHS Exam Prep
for Spring 2019

 Special 33rd Edition Published April 2018

The Workbook is a comprehensive reference manual for the 15 core competencies of Environmental Health.

It has been designed to be the textbook for the CSU Fresno Environmental Health Course PH 166T-07 (36502 for Spring 2019).

There are 2 functions of this workbook:

A) to familiarize the uninitiated to the vast field of Environmental Health

   B) for the initiated it is focused on helping you pass the NEHA REHS Exam.

The same textbook accomplishes both functions. You can utilize it as "either" or "both" functions.

Chapters include:

1) Our Precious Potable Water Sanitation

2) Recreational Water Sanitation

3) HouseHold Hazardous Waste Regulation and Mitigation

4) HAZWOPER, NIMS, and ICS Emergency Systems

5) Noise Pollution Sources and Remediation

6) Bioterrorism and Biosafety Labs

7) Institutions and Healthy Housing Standards

8) Legal and Administrative

9) Air Pollution Generation Sources and Control

10) Zoonosis, Communicable Disease Vectors, and Weeds of Public Health Significance

11) Food and Dairy Protection and Epidemiological Investigations

12) Private OnSite WasteWater Disposal and Confined Animal Feeding Operations

13) Radiation Sources and Protection

14) OSHA, HAZMAT and Toxic Substances

15) Solid, Hazardous, and Medical Waste Generation Sources, Regulations, and Mitigation

The REHS RS exam is also known as the Registered Environmental Health Specialist Exam, Registered Sanitarian Exam, and the Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner Exam. By successfully passing this exam, you become eligible for the National Environmental Health Association's (NEHA) prestigious REHS RS credential. This credential enjoys various levels of reciprocity in approximately 40 U.S. States and many U.S. Territories.

A special note to those students that will be using this course and textbook to prepare for taking the NEHA REHS RS Exam:  On July 13, 2014, NEHA began using a modified professional exam conforming to ANSI testing standards. Students' feedback after taking the modified exam has strongly reinforced that our Workbook is still the best reference text to prepare for this new exam. In an effort to remain cutting edge to the material on this new exam, we have worked diligently to update the Workbook on a continuous basis.  

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CSU Fresno Environmental Health Textbook
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